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Treating fibromyalgia naturally

Bring peace to your body and mind. It is commonly women who suffer from fibromyalgia. This disease is a first indication that there may be hormonal issues at play. Furthermore, a deterioration of the symptoms during menopause is present in almost all women suffering from fibromyalgia syndrome.

Many symptoms are associated with a hormonal imbalance.

Whether it be muscle pain or constant exhaustion: Both are symptoms typical to a hormonal deficiency. If you compare the symptoms of a hormonal deficiency with those of fibromyalgia syndrome, you will notice a lot of similarities.

A hormonal imbalance is a common cause of fibromyalgia.

In plenty of cases, we noticed in the practice that many of the women affected were people who did a lot for other people and rarely turned down the chance to help out. In addition, symptoms that clearly hinted at a hormonal imbalance were found in all patients. Fibromyalgia is a complex disease. That is why we closely examine the different metabolic processes of the body to find the causes and therefore relieve or eliminate the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

In addition to treatment with bioidentical hormones, we also include other areas in our holistic approach to therapy, such as:
· Gut flora
· Nitrosative stress
· Neurotransmitter systems
· Vitamin and nutrient deficiency

We take a holistic approach in the practice and our treatment involves natural and/or endogenous substances only.

We provide successful therapy for fibromyalgia syndrome using:
· Bioidentical hormones (to restore balance)
· Nutritional supplements (as deficits and gaps result from the processes outlined above)
· Psychotherapy (to boost self-confidence and self-esteem)
· High dosage of vitamin infusions
· Organotherapy

Our treatment is always tailored to the individual with a focus on what you specifically require. This way you get exactly what you need − and most importantly: what you want. Treatment with bioidentical hormones should be carried exclusively by experienced doctors as these hormones are only available on prescription.