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Silent inflammation

An unstable intestinal mucosa can occur due to chronic inflammation in the body which can often be traced back to a poor or unbalanced diet. This allows bacteria or parts of bacteria, particularly from the intestines, to reach the blood and consequently cause recurring or chronic inflammation. This triggers a permanent inflammatory reaction and constantly keeps the immune system “busy”. The harmful bacteria do not just come from the intestines however, but from the oral cavity too if the oral flora is disturbed.

Septicaemia, a type of blood poisoning, is perhaps the best known serious form of bodily poisoning with these endotoxins caused by a “silent inflammation”.

The liver usually breaks down the existing endotoxins. However, if these exceed a certain amount or if the function of the liver is somewhat restricted, a high concentration of LPS occurs in the blood and this can lead to chronic illnesses as a result.

Studies have shown that the following chronically inflammatory diseases are linked to endotoxemia:
· Metabolic syndrome
· Obesity
· Type 2 diabetes
· Atherosclerosis
· Steatohepatitis
· Chronically inflammatory intestinal disorders
· Periodontitis