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Telefon: +49 (0) 5241 2100973

Our philosophy

Everything around us is getting faster, more effective and more demanding. Communication, which has changed completely through smartphones, tablets and constant access to the World Wide Web, is a good example of this. At the same time, we see a change taking place in our environment. For example, there is a shift towards living in harmony with nature, preserving and regaining resources, and creating new ones.

We have kept these changes in mind for you as part of a sustainable therapy concept. Natural medicine and new technologies are the perfect combination for the medicine of today and the health of tomorrow.

Our concept combines quick, effective and sophisticated treatment with the use of endogenous substances that are to be preserved, regained or replaced.

We make use of our body’s intelligence.

Our body works best with substances that it produces itself. It can produce anti-inflammatory substances just as easily as anxiolytic, mood-enhancing and painkilling substances − and at the root of almost all illnesses is a deficiency, an excess or an imbalance of these substances.

Our therapy concept makes use of the latest achievements in biochemistry and biotechnology to identify the status of endogenous substances and metabolic processes. We use the age old wisdom of naturopathy to stimulate the body into regulating the important substances again and/or producing lost substances that are identical in structure to the endogenous substances.

Our therapy concept is:

We only use natural, endogenous and herbal substances.

We look at you as a whole. Body and mind are always given equal consideration.

We treat the cause and therefore the root of your complaints.

Using state-of-the-art lab testing, we can gain deep insights into your metabolism and the activity of your cells.

Our therapy concept includes:
· Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy
· Biological cancer therapy
· Organotherapy
· Hyperthermia
· Natural immune modulation
· Homoeopathy
· Neural therapy
· Medical cosmetics
· Holistic psychotherapy
· Psychoneuroendocrinology
· Orthomolecular medicine