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Our book: Heilen mit bioidentischen Hormonen

Layout 1Date of publication, October 9, 2015.
Mark October 9 on your calendar. That is the day on which you will get to know Barbara, Maren, Marcel, Thomas and many others a little better. By looking at different patient case histories, we explain the link between the endocrine system and chronic illness, and show you how natural hormones can help. As you read on, you will also find out whether hormones or natural hormones really are dangerous, whether you should use blood or saliva as a means of measuring and whether it is better to suck, swallow or apply creams. Based on our years of experience in applying natural hormones, you will get a book from the everyday therapeutic practice. Thanks to the combination of daily application and scientific knowledge, this book can act as a guide which will also help you when you visit your doctor.  Look forward to reading a book whose main focus is the patient.

This book describes this extremely helpful, natural and gentle form of natural hormone replacement therapy in an interesting and straightforward manner. See for yourself and enjoy the exclusive extract from our book in the download area on the tab “About us”. Happy reading.

Pre-ordering the book

You can now pre-order the book on Amazon: