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Orthomolecular medicine

Supporting the body with nutritional supplements is the most intelligent way of keeping it healthy or aiding its recovery.

· Fatigue
· Depressive mood
· Exhaustion
· Nausea

· Sleeping problems
· Hair loss
· Concentration problems
· Constipation/diarrhoea

· Susceptibility to infection
· Dry skin
· Stomach pain

Many symptoms, complaints and illnesses can be traced back to a disorder in the metabolism. Our metabolism works exclusively with natural substances such as minerals, vitamins, amino acids etc. In a metabolic disorder, we are not lacking chemical substances, but natural substances − substances that supply us with daily nutrients.

Our genes have yet to adapt to our new environment, our nutritional requirements and our general lack of movement. Our evolutionary heritage is thousands of years old and is still based on a lifestyle of hunting and gathering. That is why it is not that easy to live a really healthy life. Fruit and vegetables instead of chocolate and coffee may make sense but are not enough to maintain health and fitness.

Constant stress, permanent availability, fast and practical nutrition − all of this makes little sense physiologically.

Our body suffers from a lack of activity and from the type of nourishment that we have to choose, or in some cases want to choose, due to constant time pressure. While in earlier times danger was felt mainly when hunting, today potential danger lurks around every corner. As a result, we are in a constant battle with stress. Noise, stress at work, pressures at home and pressure to perform − all of this is reflected in the cortisol levels of many people. This manifests itself in many people through sleep disturbances and depressive moods. This all has to do with nutrition and an adequate supply of natural substances. If the body reacts with insomnia, it does not lack sleeping agents to regulate the metabolism again − it actually lacks endogenous substances.

It does not make sense to supply something different to what is missing.

And it makes even less sense to replace something natural that is lacking with something chemical. Because the chemical substances that are replaced may alleviate the complaint but present our body with new challenges because these chemically produced substances are foreign to it. That is why side effects are a common occurrence.

There is an increasing number of diseases which are the result of a deficiency in elementary substances.

That is why we believe that orthomolecular medicine is essential, providing the most natural type of support that medicine can offer. This is also shown in the treatment of our patients.

Our body does not produce a plentiful supply of minerals, vitamins and amino acids; as a result, it reacts sensitively to a deficiency or an imbalance of these substances. By the same token, however, it reacts just as sensitively to an overdosage. That is why it is necessary to proceed with caution when closing the gaps in the metabolism and replacing those substances lacking only to the extent required.

Orthomolecular medicine can be successfully applied to many diseases and symptoms. In this instance, it does not matter whether the disease is purely physical or psychological. Therapy with nutritional supplements or orthomolecular medicine is based on sound science. It is therefore necessary to give a precise diagnosis in advance of the treatment in order to proceed with the therapy with caution and purpose.

Please get in touch if you are interested in our treatment or would like to know whether you are suffering from a deficiency.