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Oestrogen dominance and oestrogen deficiency

When discussing the primary female sex hormone, oestrogen, we are in fact looking at a hormone group. There are various forms and various different spellings associated with the term. The most important forms are: Oestrone, oestradiol and oestriol (also: estrone, estradiol and estriol). Oestrogen is also present in the male body and is a neutral semiochemical in the brain in low concentrations. A deficiency has consequences in both the male and female body.

Peculiarity: Xenoestrogen
More and more people in our society are suffering from an oestrogen dominance. This can be attributed to different factors. Xenoestrogen, or environmental oestrogen, is one cause. It can be found in plants (e.g. soya) and in almost all plastics that we use in our daily lives where plasticisers such as phthalates or BPA are present, as well as in herbicides and pesticides. It is a risk to the body and often to blame for serious illnesses.

Signs of oestrogen deficiency

· Depression
· Fatigue
· Reduced concentration, problems with memory and memory retention
· Joint and muscle pain
· Nervousness
· High blood pressure
· Sleeping problems
· Hot flushes

· Infertility
· Baggy skin
· Sagging breasts
· Dry mucous membranes
· Bladder problems
· Night sweats

· Potency problems
· Fertility issues

Effect of bioidentical hormones
· Inhibits bone resorption (protects against osteoporosis)
· Protects against dementia
· Improves cognitive performance
· Regulates circulation
· Increases elasticity of blood vessels
· Protects mucous membranes against drying
· Protects bladder against infection
· plus a lot more

Oestrogen is only available on prescription and should only be administered under medical supervision and after a blood test. Determining the levels depends on the different forms of oestrogen.