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Nitrosative stress (urine test)

Nitric oxide (NO)
Nitric oxide is a physiologically occurring substance in the cells of our body. It does a variety of jobs. For example, it relaxes the smooth musculature and therefore regulates blood circulation. It also serves as a metabolism regulator, fends off intracellular pathogens and cancer cells, and acts as a messenger molecule in the brain. If an overproduction of NO occurs and this comes in contact with oxygen radicals, a highly reactive molecule is generated: Peroxynitrite: This impairs the most important part of our cells: the mitochondria which are responsible for energy production. If this is the case, the term multiorgan or multisystemic disease is also spoken of.

The balance of physiological and pathological NO production can easily be disturbed.

Causes of overproduction:
Infections: Viral, bacterial, parasitic
Nutrition: · Food intolerances
· Diet rich in nitrite/nitrate
· High carbohydrate diet
Injuries · Trauma in the area of the cervical spine
· Instability of the cervical spine
Psychological stress · Severe traumatization
· Severe mental stress
· Chronic stress
Toxic stress · Environmental toxins
· Chemicals
· Medication (chemotherapy, antibiotics etc.)
Chronic inflammation and severe physical stress  


Exhaustion Drop in performance
Depression Concentration/memory problems
Headaches Susceptibility to infection
Circulatory disorders Chronic inflammation
Arteriosclerosis Digestive tract illnesses
Immune system disorders  

This is how the test works:
If a lot of NO is produced, an increasing number of metabolic waste products are generated. This can be shown by taking a simple urine test.