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Natural progesterone and progesterone deficiency

Progesterone is a gender-neutral hormone. Progesterone is an “all-round talent”. This hormone does a variety of jobs and is a precursor of many other different hormones. It is vital to becoming and remaining pregnant. Progesterone is produced mainly in the corpus luteum in women and in the testes in men. In addition, it also forms in lower quantities in the adrenal glands. In short, it is fair to say that natural progesterone keeps us mentally and physically fit.

Therefore, a deficiency in natural progesterone has consequences in many areas. We have listed some symptoms for you.

  • Headaches and migraines before menstruation
    · Swelling in the stomach, hands and feet (before menstruation)
    · Overly sever menstrual bleeding
    · Premenstrual syndrome
    · Painful breast swelling or oversized breasts
    · Thyroidal dysfunction
    · Drop in performance
    · Lack of energy
    · Memory problems
    · Weight increase
    · States of anxiety
    · Nervousness
    · Light, disturbed sleep
    · Feelings of upset and possibly depression
    · Feelings of pointlessness

The long-term effects of progesterone deficiency are predominantly

  • Cysts, breast cancer
    · Cysts, ovarian cancer
    · Fibroma
    · Cervical cancer
    · Loss of bone mass (osteoporosis)

What can natural progesterone do?

  • It is the strongest natural anti-depressant
    · It prevents cancer, osteoporosis and cysts
    · It converts fat into energy
    · It tightens the connective tissue
    · It improves thyroidal function
    · It helps alleviate cramps and prevents strokes and heart attacks
    · It strengthens bladder function
    · It regenerates brain tissue
    · It prevents prostate problems in men and relieves existing symptoms
    · and does much more besides

Progesterone is only available on prescription and should only be administered under medical supervision and after a blood test.