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Natural or bioidentical hormones

Nature-identical, bioidentical or natural hormones are produced using yams. These contain the compound diosgenin which can be converted into the respective hormones. Hormones generated in this way are identical to endogenous hormones. They therefore fit perfectly into our endocrine system.

Progestogens as a progestogen replacement or traditional menopausal hormones cannot do this. These are substances which are only similar to human hormones. This results in side effects and consequently serious illnesses.

Contraindications rarely occur when using natural hormones; side effects only occur when an incorrect dose is administered. However, these hormones are still only available on prescription and should only be prescribed by a specialist after a proper diagnosis.

Natural hormones are not only used to treat menopausal complaints or premenstrual syndrome; they are also used in the following cases:
· Osteoporosis
· AD(H)D
· Anxiety/panic
· Depression
· Fibromyalgia
· Migraines
· Weight issues
· Sexual disorders
· Acne
· Cellulite
· Desire to have children
· to name but a few

Contrary to treatment using equine or fully synthetic hormones, there is no evidence to suggest that treatment using natural hormones can encourage the development of cancer.

Numerous studies indicate that a scientifically-based therapy using natural hormones in treatment can protect against cancer.