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Natural or bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

This is also referred to a nature-identical, bioidentical or natural hormone replacement therapy. This is a therapy based on natural hormones. These hormones are structurally identical to our endogenous hormones. The body cannot tell the difference. The resulting benefit is that the body can work effectively with these hormones and no side effects occur if the correct dosage is administered.

The approach of this therapy is holistic

In our first consultation, lasting approx. 60-90 minutes, we will take a close look at your specific situation, focusing on your needs and concerns. The initial anamnesis is all about getting to know you. Nutritional habits, sleeping behaviour and regularity of physical activity are just as important in holistic therapy as professional and private requirements.

Anamnesis is the most meaningful diagnostic step!

In addition to determining the hormonal values, further examinations may result from the anamnesis. Using state-of-the-art lab testing, we can gain useful insights into a huge variety of processes of your metabolism. This is necessary to discover the cause of your complaints. Because this is precisely the point at which natural hormone replacement therapy can begin. The cause is eliminated and consequently the symptoms are alleviated or disappear completely.

We take a blood sample during the initial anamnesis to determine the sex hormones. Women with a 28-day menstrual cycle should book an appointment between the 19th and 22nd day of menstruation. Men should have their blood taken in the morning. There are no special booking requirements for women without a cycle or with a very irregular cycle.

As soon as we get your results back, we will arrange an appointment with you lasting approx. 30 minutes. During this consultation, we will discuss your individual therapy plan and the type of application with you.
Bioidentical or natural hormones require a prescription and are produced individually for you.

You can then commence your therapy immediately based on your therapy plan.
Another blood test will be performed two months after therapy has started and together we will discuss the therapy results and the further course of action.
Please get in touch at the latest 12 days before the natural or bioidentical hormones run out because it can take several days to have them ready and delivered. If you let us know early enough, then your therapy can continue uninterrupted.