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Natural breast cancer screening

Mammography cannot be considered a preventive measure in the narrower sense. It is more of a method of early detection. By regularly examining your breasts, you can help detect the early onset of mutated tissue and thus ensure that this is treated quickly.

Real prevention should mean that breast cancer does not get the chance to develop at all.
Even if experts are still not 100% clear on how and why breast cancer develops, some studies highlight the factors that can encourage the disease.

In addition to a good diet, avoiding dairy products where possible and consuming only small quantities of cereal products, regular exercise is also a good preventive measure. Furthermore, drinking green tea on a regular basis also protects breast tissue. Alcohol should be rarely or never consumed if there is a family predisposition because alcohol interferes with the endocrine system.

Another preventive measure is to check oestrogen metabolites in the blood. The oestrogen metabolism is a rather complex process. There are “good” and “bad” metabolites. The percentage of “good” metabolites must outweigh the percentage of “bad” metabolites.
Studies have clearly shown that women with breast cancer often suffer from an imbalance of metabolites.

The relationship between “good” and “bad” metabolites can be determined by taking a blood test and can be treated with natural substances. This corresponds with prevention in the narrower sense.