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Hormone test with saliva or blood?

A common argument among the medical community. Even if everyone who works with bioidentical or natural hormones agrees that these are the methods of choice, there is still some disagreement as to how meaningful hormonal levels are derived.

This begs the question: Saliva or blood test?

  • The blood test is straightforward. You can eat and drink whatever you want.
  • The salivary system is a system for itself. After conducting a saliva test, you know what the hormonal concentration in the saliva is, but nothing beyond this. Furthermore, more hormones can be determined in the blood test.
  • We are in constant exchange with colleagues and our laboratory, and we learned some years ago that a blood test is the way to go. And over the years results and data have backed up this opinion. Why?
  • In the follow-up with the saliva test, hormone treatment must be stopped up to three days, at a minimum 12 hours, in advance depending on the provider or therapist. This means that your hormonal levels are measured during a break in therapy.
  • However, we want to know what your hormonal levels are while you are taking the natural hormones. That is why you should take your bioidentical or natural hormones three hours before the blood sampling which is carried out after two months. This way we can see how your body metabolises the natural hormones.