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Healthy endocrine system

Our endocrine system is involved in many important metabolic processes of the body. It influences the cardiovascular system, skeletal and muscular system, nutrition, weight, skin and hair, performance, resilience, sleep, brain and mind.

Furthermore, our endocrine system is a very sensitive system. To ensure its functionality and to keep us healthy, it it important that the entire group of hormones work in harmony with each other.

  • Stress is a common condition in our daily lives and has a massive influence on this system. However, many people only notice this when they reach the stage of burnout. Burnout is an imbalance in the endocrine system.
  • Depending on how aware a woman is of her body, she is usually able to notice hormonal changes precisely during menstruation. An example of this would be premenstrual syndrome which can be caused by a deficiency in certain hormones.

Male and female menopause and also the dysfunction of the thyroid gland are clearly the result of hormonal imbalances.

However, disorders in the endocrine system can also manifest themselves in other ways:

Women Men Both
Miscarriages Erectile dysfunction Infertility
Breast cancer Prostate enlargement Osteoporosis
Endometriosis Hair loss Heart disease
Period pains   Skin problems
Fibromyalgia   Joint pain
Migraines   AD(H)D
Ovarian cysts   Anxiety/panic
Cellulite   Depression
Postpartum depression   Mood swings
Hair loss   Fibroma
Increased hair growth   Weight issues
    Sleeping problems

It is not uncommon for these symptoms to be treated individually without looking at their origin. If a symptom then actually disappears, it is often the case that another one will appear somewhere else and in another form.

We believe: Purely symptom-oriented treatment
is rarely necessary and can be time-consuming and costly
· damages patients because chemical or synthetic products which the body does not recognise are often used
· does not consider the patient as a whole or as a unique individual
· only looks at the “tip of the iceberg”

That is why we prefer causal treatment

With the concept of bioidentical/natural hormonal therapy
· we find the root of your complaints
· we treat these with natural and endogenous products
· we get your body back in balance so that it is no longer forced to produce symptoms