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Complementary cancer therapy

Introduction We have been supporting cancer patients on their journey for more than 14 years. We are committed to this task because, in addition to traditional, conventional medical therapy, there are other good options for patients to positively influence their course of the disease. It is important for us that we treat the patient as an individual. Even if the diagnosis is the same, we should pay close attention to the patient’s body during therapy.

Biological cancer therapy allows you to:
· Reactivate or strengthen your self-healing capacity
· Increase the effectiveness of conventional therapies
· Relieve the side effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy
· Provide optimal nutritional supply to your body
· Increase your life expectancy
· Improve your quality of life
· Protect your body against new diseases
· Protect your body against relapses

Biological or also complementary cancer therapy is a recognised scientific method of therapy whose effectiveness has been proven in studies.

In our practice, we have specialised in forms of therapy which are also offered in specialist clinics for biological cancer therapy.

We therefore offer you scientifically valid biological cancer medicine on your doorstep.

In our practice, where possible and where desired, we work closely with oncological colleagues to achieve the best possible outcome for you. Biological therapy should always be included if conventional therapies are used in order to reinforce their effectiveness, relieve their side effects and increase your chances of being cured.

Biological cancer therapy is a holistic form of therapy and brings with it a host of benefits. As with conventional therapies, biological cancer medicine can provide no guarantee of a cure. However, studies have shown that, by combining both types of therapy, the chance of being cured is much higher. This is due to the fact that conventional therapies have a systematic effect. They attack the tumour but also weaken the entire body and impact the immune system significantly. That is why complementary cancer medicine is the second important component; it helps healthy cells stay healthy and helps all systems in the body work efficiently to ensure that chemotherapy or radiotherapy can have their full effect.

Conventional medical therapies + complementary therapies = increased chances of recovery

Using biological cancer therapy, we want to provide optimum support and be right by your side throughout your journey.

You can combine the two. You never have to choose one over the other.

We would like to encourage you to take a look behind the scenes of biological cancer medicine and show you that the times of frankincense and mistletoe are long since gone; instead we will show you that modern scientific medicine can be combined with millennia-old methods of healing and adapted to our living conditions of today.
By continuing to learn and upskill, we guarantee that we will always be at the cutting edge of science and research. In this regard, we are always guided by the latest studies and regularly attend conferences and training courses in the field of complementary or biological cancer medicine.

We support patients.