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Common digestion problems

The intestine is the most important part of the immune defence. 80% of our immune system can be found here.

If the intestine falls out of balance, this can have far-reaching consequences for the entire body. This is the reason why people simply become ill or why symptoms refuse to go away and/or keep coming back. Reasons for disturbed intestinal flora include: unbalanced diet/malnutrition, medication (especially antibiotics), infections, alcohol and nicotine to name but a few.

This test should be conducted if you are suffering from the symptoms listed below:

· Fatigue, exhaustion
· Bloating after eating
· Depression
· Headaches
· Frequent inflammation in the oral cavity
· Frequent and recurring infections
· Flatulence
· Irregular bowel movement, diarrhoea then constipation and vice versa
· Stomach aches
· Inflammatory intestinal disorders

The test below seeks knowledge about the following symptoms:
· Condition of intestinal flora
· Digestion residues in stool (e.g. undigested fat or egg white)
· Possible causes of malnutrition
· Problems with nutrient uptake, e.g. due to inflammation and/or barrier disorders of the intestinal mucosa

Intestinal mucosa:
· Immunological mucous membrane defence
· Which undesirable bacteria are found in the intestine and in what number?
· Are there indications of food intolerances?