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A different way to treat AD(H)D

Allow yourself and your family to relax naturally.
• Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
= Fidgety Philip − more commonly boys/men
• Attention deficit disorder
= Johnny Head-in-the-Air − more commonly girls/women

Cases of ADD and ADHD occur ever more frequently in today’s society. It is not just a large number of children who suffer from these symptoms; adults, for whom the symptoms were never properly detected in childhood, are also affected. They suffer from complaints for which an adequate explanation is rarely found.

Adults too can suffer from ADD or ADHD!
We take a holistic approach when treating ADD or ADHD in our practice. We consider the biochemistry and rebalance this
· We take a look at the social context
· We provide support with intensive consultations and psychotherapeutic interventions

Contrary to public opinion, ADD and ADHD are not always caused by poor upbringing. However, children with these symptoms need to be challenged, especially as they are very often outstandingly gifted individuals. Children and adults with ADD or ADHD are well able to concentrate − as long as they are interested in the subject matter!

It is more of a disorder in terms of showing interest than an attention disorder.
We consider today’s treatment of these symptoms with medication containing e.g. methylphenidate or other amphetamine-type substances necessary only in the rarest of cases.

No Ritalin without coaching!
Note that you or your child will receive good coaching or good support if Ritalin or similar substances are prescribed.

Our concept of treatment also applies to adults.
1.    Biochemical approach
· We use various tests to check where precisely your child’s
neurotransmitter system is affected
· Whether there are deficits with respect to different micronutrients
· We look at their vitamin supply
2.    What is the child’s hormonal balance like?
· Is their sleep affected?
· What about impulse control?
· How does the child experience stress?
· Does the child suffer from depression or display other behavioural problems?
3.    What is their diet like?
· Do they consume many convenience products (sauces, flavoured meat, pizza etc.)?
· What is the child’s sugar intake like?
· Do they eat a lot of carbohydrates?
· Do they consume many sausage products?

Eating a healthy diet can ensure that our body is in tip-top condition; similarly, however, we can become ill if we are not careful in this regard.
In our nutritional support, we look at the quality of the food, its ingredients, preservatives, colouring agents and other additional properties.

If we detect deficits in these areas, we will work with nature-identical and endogenous substances to:
· restore balance
· stimulate the body to regulate symptoms again by itself
· add substances that are lacking either partially or fully
· repair affected systems

If these areas return to a healthy status, you will enjoy better levels of concentration, improved memory, increased attention span and a more balanced mood − all without having to take psychotropic drugs.

If you or your child opt for therapy with bioidentical hormones, make sure when seeking a professional that you find an experienced doctor. Bioidentical hormones are always only available on prescription.